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Abraham and Sarah

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Main Idea

God called Abraham and Sarah and all their descendents into a special relationship as people of God. God promised to be with them just as God is with us today.


Unit Description

The Abraham and Sarah unit uses the Bible story included in Genesis 12; 13:1-4, 12; 17; 18:1-15; 21:1-8. At God's call, Abram and Sarai left Haran for Canaan. God promised land and a son to a man already 75 years of age. Abram trusted God and waited for the promise. Sarai was also very old and fulfilled her duty to provide her husband a child by following a culturally acceptable practice. She gave Abram her maid Hagar to conceive a child. The child who was born--Ishmael--would have been considered Sarai's by custom. Ishmael was not the son God had promised, however.

God told Abram to change his name to "father of nations" and Sarai's to "princess" because she would be a mother of nations. God promised they would have a son in the next year. Abram laughed to himself and suggested, "Why not let Ishmael be my heir?" God sent three visistors and spoke again, promising a son in nine months. Twenty-five years after Abram left Haran, Sarah bore a son. They called him "Isaac."

Scriptures: Genesis 12; 13:1-4, 12; 17; 18:1-15; 21:1-8



Children will explore these concepts:

  • In the book of Genesis, we find how Abraham and Sarah were the first people to be called the People of God. God promised Abraham that a great nation would come from his and Sarah's descendants.
  • Although Abraham and Sarah were beyond the customary age for starting a family, they trusted God and left their home as God told them.
  • Many years passed, while Abraham and Sarah had to wait, until God fulfilled the promise made.



Storytelling Resources:

Music Resources:

Unit includes one music compact disc, two copies of sheet music, and one copy of lyric transparencies

Computer Resources:

Video Resources:

The resource(s) listed below have been deleted from unit, due to being out of print, out of stock indefinitely, or the activites were changed in the unit, due to reprinting, and the resource was not used again.

  • Desert Animals -- Amazing Animals (Available at dk.com)
  • HeavenWord Childrens Bible CD-ROM (Discontinued/ Out of print)
  • Abraham Testament: The Bible in Animation (Out of print)
  • Abingdon Bible Maps for Children (Out of print)
  • Young Reader's Bible Dictionary (Out of print)
  • QuickVerse Multimedia Life Application Bible CD-ROM (Out of print -- replaced w/ Ilumina Gold)
  • Ilumina Gold (Out of print -- replaced w/ Ilumina Gold Premium)
  • Bibleland.com CD-ROM (Out of print)
  • Kid Pix 3 (Out of print -- replaced w/ Kid Pix 4)

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