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Main Idea

The story of Jonah helps us understand that God loves all people and will forgive them when they repent.


Unit Description

Scripture: Book of Jonah




Children will have the opportunity to:

  • become familiar with the story of Jonah;
  • explore ways to tell others about God, as Jonah did.



Storytelling Resources:

NOTE:  We want to alert you to problem in one of the suggested websites in this section.  The activity ³Animalitoos² recommends the use of a Guatemalan worry dolls as figures to represent Jonah in telling the Bible story.  That website is now ³closed,² and what comes up when you put in the web address is a page with information that is not related to this use of the Jonah figures in the activity and that includes information about the cultural legend about worry dolls that is not the purpose of using the worry dolls for this activity.  While you would not be using this website with the children, we suggest that you use another source for the Jonah figures,  if you choose to use them, or you could purchase these small inexpensive figures, for the activity, at a local craft store or online at crafts supply sites such as ssww.com or orientaltrading.com. You can also find them at a Ten Thousand Villages store or at a fair trade site online.  If you prefer not to purchase these storytelling figures, you may let the children make their own Jonah figures by decorating clothespin people. Simply let them color on a face and clothes and add yarn for hair.

Music Resources:

Computer Resources:

Video Resources:

  • Jonah - A Veggie Tales Movie DVD
  • Finding Nemo (Collector's) DVD 
  • The Lion King Video (Available at video rental stores or public libraries)
  • Fantasia 2000 Video or DVD (Available at video rental stores or public libraries)
  • Testament:  The Bible in Animation (Available at video rental stores or public libraries)

The resource(s) listed below have been deleted from unit, due to being out of print, out of stock indefinitely or the activities were changed in the unit, due to reprinting, and the resource was not used again. 

  • Jonah a Veggie Tales Game on CD-ROM (Discontinued/ Out of print)
  • The Book of Jonah (Out of print)
  • Spiritual Expressions 7 CD-ROM (Out of print)
  • Interactive Series Ruth/Samson/Jonah (Out of print)
  • PowerXpress Jonah Disciple Disc CD-ROM (Out of print)
  • The Beginner's Bible VHS: Story of Jonah and the Whale w/ Book (Out of print)
  • Kid Pix 3 (Out of print -- replaced w/ Kid Pix 4)

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